Vinegar And Green Cleaners:

Green cleaners have to be substituted for harmful chemicals if we are to protect the planet. undoubtedly, Vinegar is one of the most well-known green cleaners .Needless to say that it is an important cooking ingredient . we can use vinegar to make glassware and windows cleaner. Also, for disinfecting countertops , vinegar is a good choice. However, we need to keep in mind that for cleaning marble or granite , vinegar should not be used. Instead, we need to use a natural stone cleaner .

When there are Calcium deposits on faucets or showerheads , vinegar can remove them all. In addition, spraying undiluted white vinegar over tubs or into the toilet bowl can help to remove soap scum in the tub or rings around the bowl. Another function of vinegar is for removing odors in kitchen appliances for example , dish washer or microwave oven.

Acetic Acid And Green Cleaners:

Acetic Acid is another alternative to dangerous chemicals for disinfecting different surfaces. Although people have been using this cleaner for several decades, it has recently gained popularity for cleaning industrial surfaces .Using this acid is cost-effective and when we compare it with the other chemical laden disinfectants, it is less hazardous.. In fact, a concentration of 10% of this acid and an addition of 1.5% Citric Acid can have disinfecting effect against a variety of microorganisms. However, this Acid cannot kill all germs. For more information visit this website.

What is the difference between these two Green Cleaners ?

Vinegar is diluted Acetic Acid. Apart from water, Acetic Acid is the main component of Vinegar. Vinegar contains almost 5%-8% Acetic Acid ( chemical properties of Acetic Acid). We can use both Acetic Acid and Vinegar as green cleaners to disinfect surfaces and tools.

Green Cleaners And Disinfectants

Warning :

Inhaling Acetic Acid can cause raspatory health issues such as difficulty breathing , coughing ,and sour throat. Also ,in case of eye contact, pain , redness, and vision loss are possible .Skin contact can result in blisters and redness. Due to these concerns, we need to take preventative measures which include wearing glasses, masks , and gloves and providing appropriate ventilation