Acetic Acid

Acetic Acid which has also the name < ethanoic acid> is an organic compound with the formulation CH3COOH .It consists of a methyl group. This group is attached to another group with carboxyl function. Glacial acetic acid is ,in fact, an undiluted solution of acetic acid. It is a colorless liquid with sour taste and pungent smell .The melting point of 16-17 ℃. The molar mass of this acid is 60.05 g/mol . Vinegar is a solution of this compound in water .After formic acid this is the simplest carboxylic acid. The IUPAC name is ethanoic acid .Above all, this is the main ingredient of vinegar and is one of the first chemicals that humans could produce. This chemical compound can mix with water, ether and alcohol. However, it has corrosive properties when it is in nature.

Production Methods :

Synthesizing is the main production method. In this process, methanol is carbonized by either Monsato process, which is rhodium- catalyzed , or Cativa process. The latter is more cost-effective and the production has low impurity content. In Cativa process ,an Iridium-based catalyst is responsible for improvement of the carbonylation. During methanol carbonylation, methanol and carbon monoxide react .However ,fermentation accounts for approximately 10% of acid production . During this natural method of production, Acetobacter makes acetic acid in the form of vinegar. Through fermentation in presentence of oxygen this bacteria can produce vinegar from different alcoholic foodstuffs. The chemical reaction is :


Inoculation of diluted alcohol solution with acetobacters in a warm place results in vinegar production .Industries shorten this period as they improve the supply of oxygen .For more information ,please visit other references.

Acetic Acid Applications:

In chemical industry this acid is used to produce Vinyl Acetate monomer which is used for the production of plastics. Also for making photographic film , we need cellulose acetate. Roughly 20% of the acetic acid in the world is consumed in ester production . Industries use ester to produce coatings and inks.

In food industry we use Food Grade acetic acetic to produce vinegar which is widely used in various food cuisines around the world. Moreover, pharmaceutical industry uses this chemical to produce antiseptics against pseudomonas. Another application of this acid is in cervical cancer screening and for the treatment of infections.2

Material Safety Data Sheet:

This chemical can cause severe eye irritation . In this case, immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes.

Skin burns can happen .In such situation, wash the skin with plenty of water.

In case of digestion , this compound can cause permanent damage to the digestive tract .So, in this situation do not induce vomiting and get medical aid immediately.

Acetic Acid Packaging :

Acetic acid is available in 20,30,60,200,and 1000 liter gallons.

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