Basil a green chemical and aromatic herb has various applications. Basil or Ocimum basilicum is a plant from mint family. Humans have been using it in their cuisines for hundreds of years. There are approximately 30 types of shrubs of Ocimum. This variability is because of color of leaves and flowers , growth conditions and chemical composition of this plant. Basil is an annual aromatic plant .It has tiny black seeds and the flowers of this plant are white, red or violet. more info

Basil a green chemical

Chemical compound in basil :

The most important acids in this plant are : palmitic acid, stareic acid , and carpic acid .Basil also contains some antioxidant compounds. Another significant chemical compound in this pant is phenolic acid which is the main phenolic component in basil. Esrtagole is the chemical responsible for the aroma of this herb.

Health benefits of basil of basil as a green chemical :

Traditionally , the fiber in this herb got humans attention. . Also, to treat diarrhea , headache , and skin infections , humans have used this plant. In modern medicine, however, basil helps to control the blood glucose. Basil has some anti-cancer, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory effects.

Basil oil :

There are around 200 chemicals in this oil. If the aim of growing basil is to extract the oil, it should be done when the herb is in full blossom . First, is the harvest. After that , the leaves are washed and dried . The length of drying time is a matter of importance . In fact, this time has direct effect on essential oil content. The main components in basil oil are flavonids,monoterpenes,and aromativc compounds especially estragole. the primary application of basil oil is in cosmetics and perfumery,catering,hygine and cleaning products.

An insect repellent :

This herb is one of the natural deterrents. If you crush a few basil leaves and the rub them on your skin it can repel unwanted insects particularly mosquitos .Another solution is to burn basil leaves to deter insects .To know more about green insect repellents click here.