Boric Acid

Boric acid:

Boric acid is a weak acid . Other names for this acid are Boracic acid and hydrogen borate . Its formula is H3BO3 . it is either in the form of crystal or a white powder .The melting point of this compound is 171 ℃ and the boiling point is 300℃.This acid is soluble in water .

What is the difference between Boric Acid and Borax ?

They are both compounds of boron. The difference is that borax is the natural form which is mined or gathered from evaporated deposits. Boric Acid , however, is the purified form of borax. For more information click here.

Applications :

One of the applications of boric acid is in medical science . In fact, this acid has antiseptic quality . Another application of this acid is as wood preservator . If we mix this acid with ethylene glycol , we can use it for treating wood against insects and fungi . It is also used as a pH buffer.

This compound is well-known in treating pests. It is available in the form of liquid , powder , or tablet . The interesting point about insecticides containing boric acid is that they do not kill the insects immediately .This is because this acid adheres to the legs of insects . After ingestion , it acts as a poison which causes either dehydration or starvation in insects . so, the insects die after a couple of days . Since boric acid has no repelling effect , during the treatment time the insects are still seen in the place . Many restaurants , hotels and home owners have been using this chemical compound to fight with cockroaches . However, it seems that this acid cannot kill bed bugs even in high concentrations. Therefore, before applying this acid we need to make sure that it is effective to kill a specific kind of insect .

Boric acid

Is this acid harmful for the environment ?

Both soil and water contain considerable amount of boron. This is a naturally occurring compound so it is eco – friendly. Studies have shown that although this acid is not toxic to birds and fish, it might pose a risk to some endangered aquatic creatures. For more information regarding Green chemicals click here.