Garlic and Green living:

Humans have been using garlic for hundreds of years as raw vegetable in fresh or dried form . Garlic oil and garlic powder are the processed forms of garlic . The most significant chemical compounds in garlic are phenolic compounds. However, the amount of these compounds is different based on various genotype and cultivation process .There are also sulfur-containing amino acids which are responsible for the flavor of garlic . Allicin is a sulfur compound responsible for the aroma of garlic when it is chopped. On the other hand, Allicin is responsible for the medicinal properties of garlic . This vegetable contains high amount of vitamin C and B complex. Garlic has several biological properties such as antioxidant, antifungal , and antidiabetic. For getting more information in this regard please click here .We are going to talk about garlic and its role in Green living.

Medical applications :

The Allicin available in garlic can help controlling blood pressure. It can also contribute to lowering LDL Cholesterol . Another benefit of garlic is in alleviating muscle soreness after working out . In addition ,the consumption of garlic can lower the risk of different types of cancer especially lung cancer . To decrease the frequency of common cold in adults we can consume garlic . This vegetable is also useful for cleaning intestinal infections.

Garlic as an insect repellent:

Some people believe that eating garlic can repel insects ,mosquitoes ,in particular .However, we cannot confirm it yet. Instead chop some cloves of garlic and boil them in water so that the aroma is released all around the house. Keep in mind that although garlic is a natural mosquito larvicide but in case of mature mosquitoes , it can only repel them . Therefore, garlic can count as a clean larvicide that does not damage the environment. For more information about green chemicals please click here.

Garlic and Green living , Garlic as food preservator :

Several studies have shown that garlic is a natural preservative for meat because it can reduce bacterial growth . As we know wheat and rice are the most common cereals in danger of pests while storing . Using several cloves of garlic can preserve rice for longer periods of time.

Garlic and Green living