Iron Cleaner

Iron Cleaner can be either liquid or powder , depending on the usage .It may be acidic or alkaline. This compound attracts a lot of dirt or oil .For next process we must delete surface from pollutant material. In different industrial processes for example painting, phosphating, ,or plating we need to remove dirt and dust particles first.

Nature of iron:

Bare surface of iron is prone to rusting in dry weather. In wet and humid weather corrosion happens more rapidly. When iron is soaked in water , corrosion is much faster . Above all ,if we add Chlorine ion(NaCL) to this solution ,corrosion will happen at the fastest speed. For more information click here.

Iron cleaner

Method of using Iron cleaner :

Iron cleaner may be used by dipping or spray method . Before using the cleaner, we must solve it in a separate container and after complete solubility, we can add cleaner soluble to process. This cleaner can be used in electrical process .Temperature is usually between 45 ℃ to 90 ℃. Increasing the temperature would be an important factor for process improvement in soil removal reaction.

Green chemicals in iron cleaner:

Each cleaner consists of several components . It can be surfactant ,factor of alkaline, hardness reducer ,factor of surface tension reducer or filler . With progress in technology in Borna chemistry ,our specialists have omited some materials that participate in environmental pollution . Moreover, some materials or solvents might cause ozone depletion .with their elimination, we replace these components with more Eco-friendly compounds. To be compatible with the environment ,we try to maintain the pH ❮ 10

Material safety data sheet:

Due to the fact that some cleaners are weak alkaline ,they are very toxic for human health .They can be toxic for skin ,inspiration or eyes . Therefore,the personnel should wear suitable clothes,protective glasses ,and respiratory masks.


Liquid iron cleaner package in 20 and 60 and 1000 liter container . In addition ,solid iron cleaner or powder in 25 and 1000kilogram packages .If there are any questions or recommendations, please feel free to contact sales department of Borna chemistry .