Lecithin is in fact a mixture of various phospholipids , which are one of the natural components of plants and animals. Although egg yolk is the primary source of Lecithin , we need to apply some cost-effective substitutions .Soybean oilseeds are currently the best alternative .This is because of their affordable price ,abundant supply , and several functionalities. Methods of extraction and purification are the two contributing factors in composition of Lecithin .Moreover, World Health Organization confirmed the safety of this compound in 1974. Thus, different manufacturers have been using it for various purposes. Here we are going to describe some of the eco-friendly applications of Lecithin. The use of this compound as a green chemical must increase if we want to save our planet. More information.

Lecithin : an emulsifier

Emulsifiers have hydrophilic head group and a hydrophobic tail .As a result, they have the ability to absorb both polar and non-polar compounds .The main application of Lecithin is as a natural emulsifier .Numerous articles have stated the widespread use of this chemical in food , pharmaceutical , and beauty products. However, its role in production of household cleaners and laundry products shouldn’t be overlooked. This naturally-based chemical can help foam formation. In fact ,surfactants can cause the emulsification of oily stains and form foams . Therefore, this chemical as a surfactant dilutes the dirty particles and washes them away. This way ,it can increase the washing properties of detergents. Another function of this valuable yet green chemical is in softening products .Adding Lecithin to laundry softeners can give different fabrics a soft and fluffy touch.


Lecithin: a viscosity controller

In paint and varnish production, this compound can act to modify the viscosity. That is to say ,by decreasing the viscosity ,this natural chemical increases the coating speed. Also, in some food products , such as chocolate, adding this compound reduces the surface tension of fats .Therefore, the particles of chocolate and other ingredients are coated.

A lubricant :

Lubricating additives come into play when we are formulating lubricating oil .They enhance lubrication performance and protect the machinery from damage. Recently, eco-friendly lubricants including Lecithin have attracted the attention of chemists . For more information, please click here.