General description :

There are approximately 2000 species of termites on Earth . These insects are social and live in colonies. They have six legs and some of them have wing. The three most important types of termites are : dampwood termites which are the largest type. The drywood which cause serious damage to residential areas. The third type, Subterranean , which are the most destructive kind in the US. More information

Regarding the types of termites in a nest, there are usually five kinds of them . Queen which is by far the largest termite in a colony and is able to produce several thousands of baby termites per day . The second type are soldiers. They are wingless . Both male and female soldiers protect the nest from enemies . Their jaws are stronger than those of the other termites . The third is the king which is a male termite responsible for the reproduction process with the queen. Another type are the workers . They work 24/7 and their main responsibility is to eat any material containing cellulose . The last kind is the reproductive which is in charge of building new colonies .They have wings so they can fly away and as they are swept by the wind ,their wings drop. After that ,they start mating and they become the new kings and queens .


The ideal environment for termites :

These insects need moisture and source of food . In fact, wood and any other material that contain cellulose can be a source of food for them . Generally these insects thrive in warm climates. In addition, when wood is in contact with soil for example in foundations of a house or in cracks of a wall , it can be a perfect place for termites to live in .


The main problem with these insects is that they usually go unnoticeable until the damage is done. If your house has already been invaded by these insects , you need to ask for professional help. Meanwhile, there are a couple of things we can do to prevent them from spreading .

-Get rid of any old stuff containing wood .Old magazines , newspapers , wallpapers and cardboard boxes are the best things that these insects can feed upon.

-Create a distance between soil and wood . This will minimize the risk of termites attacking your house foundation.

-Do regular inspection . If you are living in a place which is prone to termites , do not forget to inspect the previously infected areas as well as all the dark , damp and secluded spots .

controlling termites has been a concern for many homeowners . In addition, in recent years hazardous chemicals have been used to eliminate them. However, In order to preserve our environment we need to look for green solutions.